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As millions of new buyers get used to buying online, eCommerce experts expect this trend to continue at ‘full-steam’ ahead in the months and years ahead.

Now, of course I am not saying that every Amazon product will sell like this - these are exceptional results.

(In fact, some products don’t sell well at all - that’s why it’s important to do smart research before you launch a product.)

However, I am saying that there’s never been a better time than now to start your own Amazon business from your home office or Kitchen table.

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In my "Amazon Boom" book you'll see:

  • How to start selling on Amazon in America, the UK and all around the world - without ever needing to post a single parcel yourself, or even leaving your home!
  • What sort of unique products I suggest to sell (the answer may surprise you)
  • How I source products from all around the world to sell on Amazon (all from my home in the Southern Alps of New Zealand)
  • 100 examples of products selling like crazy now

Plus, much more...

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In my "Amazon Boom" book you'll see:

  • 100 Real life examples of products selling on Amazon now
  • The growth plan we advise for all of our students
  • The sort of products we sell and how to source them - using just email.
  • And, how the numbers could potentially look for you when you find the right product to sell.
  • How to effectively ‘partner’ with Amazon and sell on their platform

You’ll Discover:

  • If you don’t have a lot of money to buy your own stock right now, you’ll see how to sell other people’s products on Amazon.
  • The type of products you should sell if you only want to run an Amazon business in your ‘spare time’. And the type of products to avoid.
  • How I source low cost products with potentially high profit margins. This is how I got started on Amazon with a small budget.
  • Selling Products Online Made Easy by Amazon? They can handle your product storage and delivery - and even help with your marketing.
  • Danger! Never sell the high-risk products listed on Wondering what You would sell on Amazon? The ‘Facelift’ secret on p.33 is how I’ve sold 500 different products on Amazon.
  • On peak selling days Amazon sells on average up to 600 products per second. See how to tap into their 100 million+ customer base
  • The $50 tool that saves me hours every day by automating and outsourcing a lot of Amazon tasks

What Other People Are Saying About Selling on Amazon

Ellie is a mum of two from the UK... eleven weeks after seeing her product go live, she has already made over $17,000 in sales from the comfort of her own home.
Scott, a dad of three teenage girls has launched a product and is about to launch two more. As an Australian, he is floored that people in the US and Canada have been buying his products!
Lucy is a part-time consultant... in three weeks she was able to launch her product and sell half of her inventory!
Adam and Sophie are a young married couple with two small children... they have launched their first two products days before Black Friday and were sold out!

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If you’ve ever wanted to run a remote-based business…. but just didn’t quite have the experience or confidence to start, Amazon is a great way to get started.
Noemi, recently left her job right before the Covid-19 crisis hit hard... she has reached over $6,000 in revenue, which was really amazing. She also has big plans for 2021.
Shehryar is a project manager by profession and originally from Pakistan and on the 12th day of his launch. He made over $2,000 in sales and thought it is amazing in terms of the new launch.
Craig was in a finance career a couple years ago... he was happily surprised when he made $10,000 in sales over a 30 day period. Now, he has plans to list multiple products to launch in the future.

* Terms and conditions apply.

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  • Real life examples of products selling on Amazon now
  • The growth plan we advise for all of our students
  • The sort of products we sell and how to source them
  • And, how the numbers could potentially look for you
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