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Now, of course I am not saying that every Amazon product will sell like this - these are exceptional results.

(In fact, some products don’t sell well at all - that’s why it’s important to do smart research before you launch a product.)

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  • What sort of unique products I suggest to sell (the answer may surprise you)
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  • 100 examples of products selling like crazy now

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In my "Amazon Boom" book you'll see:

  • 100 Real life examples of products selling on Amazon now
  • WThe growth plan we advise for all of our students
  • The sort of products we sell and how to source them - using just email.
  • And, how the numbers could potentially look for you when you find the right product to sell.
  • How to effectively ‘partner’ with Amazon and sell on their platform

You’ll Discover:

  • If you don’t have a lot of money to buy your own stock right now, you’ll see how to sell other people’s products on Amazon.
  • The type of products you should sell if you only want to run an Amazon business in your ‘spare time’. And the type of products to avoid.
  • How I source low cost products with potentially high profit margins. This is how I got started on Amazon with a small budget.
  • Selling Products Online Made Easy by Amazon? They can handle your product storage and delivery - and even help with your marketing.
  • Danger! Never sell the high-risk products listed on Wondering what You would sell on Amazon? The ‘Facelift’ secret on p.33 is how I’ve sold 500 different products on Amazon.
  • On peak selling days Amazon sells on average up to 600 products per second. See how to tap into their 100 million+ customer base
  • See how to tap into their 100 million+ customer base The $50 tool that saves me hours every day by automating and outsourcing a lot of Amazon tasks

What Other People Are Saying About Selling on Amazon

“…we’ve just launched our first successful product, which is on track to replace and event exceed our current monthly income. We want a life of flexibility, we want a life of freedom, we wanna spend our time with our family and traveling, and having a job where we can work from anywhere in the world allows us that freedom.
Just one day, on Prime day that year, we did 30,000 US dollars in sales and for our little business” 02:40 - 02:47 *“I’ve got six products launched and five ideas on the way.
I now work completely from my phone. I don’t have a boss, I don’t have an office job to go to… I work for myself, when I want, how I want, and on the products I choose to source.”
"And my revenue actually doubled from year one to year two, it increased by 60% from year two to year three, so I know the sky is the limit with my business."

* Results are not typical. Success on Amazon is dependent upon massive action, persistence and experience. The information shared is merely an example and not a guarantee of success. Your results may vary. Testimonials have been received in good faith, but have not been verified. The results of Amazon sellers are subject to change over time.

If you’ve ever wanted to run a remote-based business…. but just didn’t quite have the experience or confidence to start, Amazon is a great way to get started.
"I highly recommend it, purely for the fact that Amazon is got trickier over the years and Sophie's approach in training, is when it comes to product selection is second to none.
And, we have a really healthy profit margin as well at 55%.” 2:21 - 2:33
"Thanks to this course, I'm starting to see myself and think of myself as a business owner which is really exciting and I thought for a while wasn't going to happen."

* Results Not Typical

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  • Real life examples of products selling on Amazon now
  • The growth plan we advise for all of our students
  • The sort of products we sell and how to source them
  • And, how the numbers could potentially look for you